Saturday, December 04, 2010

Playing with Trains

Over Thanksgiving I went to my Mom's and got the H.O. trains that I received for Christmas when I was a kid (probably 8 or 9?). Today Christopher wasn't feeling well so to keep him occupied, I took them out and set them up. I think at first he didn't know what they were, until he saw the engine.

Yes, these are probably 30+ years old and still work great.

I figure I have to refinish the table anyway, so why not?

Having lunch while the trains go by.

Note where the speed lever is. He's definitely my kid, wants everything to go faster! I would slow it down so the engine wouldn't flip off the track and he'd say 'push that button. Faster'. He's struggling with his 'B' and 'F' sounds so it came out 'push that button bastard'.

Had to explain several times not to put things on the track!

(Yes John and Pat I only took my trains. The rest are either at Mom's or in Dad's basement.)