Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Don't worry I fixed it

Interrupting my favorite pictures of my almost 40 year old wife ;-)

I found a really funny site of hacks, ghetto or redneck repairs. Now I've done my fair share of things to get something moving along or stopping a leak, but only long enough to fix it.

The site is here.

An example:

Favorite Picture of Deb #3

Two more to go! Remember, her birthday is July 3rd.

This was what she wore to dinner on our first anniversary.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Favorite Picture of Deb #4

This was taken as part of the engagement package we did.

Here are #7, #6, #5

Favorite Pictures of Deb #5

My Favorites of Deb, #5.

This is the first picture of us taken together in Greece. Yes we look really young don't we?

Pictures #6 and #7.

My Favorite Pictures of Deb #6

Continuing with my #6 favorite of Deb.

This was in September of 1989. No idea where she was going.

#7 is here.

My Favorites Pictures of Deb - #7

Deb's 40th Birthday is July 3rd. When preparing for her surprise party I (with the help of her Mom) got several hundred pictures of her, from all ages, and put together a slide show.

With 7 days until her birthday, I figured I'd share my favorites.

So, here is #7

This was taken a couple of days after we met in Greece

If you want to see about 120 of the pictures from the slide show, go here.