Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Christopher starting to ride a bike

Sometimes the little guy catches us off guard. We know he isn't going to have same interests or many of the developmental advances a boy his age would, but we hope that he does eventually. Sometimes he asks or does something so unexpected it takes our breath away. Sunday was one of those times.

He's shown almost no interest in his bike since we got it. He'll watch Courtney or Meghan ride their bikes, but he didn't show any interest in doing it himself. On Sunday, after playing with some sidewalk chalk, he went in the garage, put on the helmet and tried to ride the bike. Down the driveway. By himself.

Deb caught him pretty quickly and I helped him down to the road. He spent a lot of time looking at the pedals and wheels, but eventually was driving himself around.

Getting the hang of it:

Picking his head and looking in front, instead of at the pedals!

Pedaling by himself!

No idea why he wanted to go off roading, but as soon as we got to the pool he wanted to go over the bridge.

He wanted Deb to wear his helmet. He wanted me too, but I didn't let them take a picture.

Finally he wanted to try Courtney's bike for the ride home.