Saturday, January 26, 2013

Allstate won't insure my Autistic son

I recently updated my life insurance and got a nasty surprise from Allstate.

In the policy I have had for 10 years I had a rider for a $10,000 death benefit on each of my children. Nothing major, just more of a 'just in case' thing.

Well, Christopher was born in the last 10 years, so went I went to extend for another 20 (so he won't be a minor when the policy expires) Allstate told me that they wouldn't include that rider in the new policy.

Why? Because Christopher has a PDD-NOS (Pervasive Development Disorder, not otherwise specified). In other words, he is Autistic.

I was shocked, so I asked for them to put it in writing. And they did.

I am currently keeping the old policy to cover Christopher since the rider had a 'and any child not yet born' clause that covers him. But that will run out well before he is 18.


The policy was written by Lincoln Benefit Life An Allstate Company.

Next stop: Georgia's Insurance Commissioner to file a complaint. Then do some shopping around to replace ALL my insurance (house, car, life) with someone who doesn't have such barbaric policies.