Monday, February 08, 2010

Odysseus's Resume

Meghan had a really cool homework assignment today: write Odysseus's Resume. (Yes, the guy who Homer wrote about. No not that Homer!)

Either she doesn't think I'm funny, or she didn't get my sarcasm gene. I made a few recommendations for what she should include and I'm sure she ignored me.

My favorite though was under accomplishments:

"Reintroduced Archery to the Royal Court. Led the Reduction in Force of the Queen's suitors."

I know, random.

Colorguard and Percussion Band Event

This past weekend Courtney had her first Colorguard competition. Meghan does Colorguard for the high school and this winter they started one for the 'feeder' Middle Schools for Meghan's school. Courtney watched Meghan at most of the football games this fall, so she wanted to try.

They'd only been doing it for 3 weeks, so their performance was short, but they all looked good. It was obvious a few of the girls were nervous (so were a lot of parents!) but they all did what they needed to. I didn't see any obvious mistakes and I think everyone was excited and relived when they finished.

Before Courtney's turn, there was a high school Percussion competition. Wow, that was something to see (and hear). It's one thing when they are on a football field, but inside a basketball gym you could feel some of the cymbals crashing and see the control and speed they have when drumming. One group, which I think won, were dressed in all black and the drum line wore black hoods. Very cool to watch.

Courtney has another competition in a couple of weeks, so I'll get some pictures then.

Thursday, February 04, 2010

50,000 miles already

Wow, I've been racking up a lot of mileage lately. Yesterday I hit 50,000 miles on the Mustang. It's on 06 I bought in March of 06 so I'm well beyond 1000 a month.

For reference I hit 30,000 after 30 months.

So far so good with the car. Only major cost has been tires, but I expect to need new struts and shocks soon. No new modifications, all spare change is going to the Capri.