Sunday, October 28, 2012

Huge Sand Table

One thing that Christopher loves is playing with sand (and water!) but the little kid sand table we had wasn't cutting it any more. He couldn't stand up with it and couldn't get the big Tonka trucks in it either.

So we started looking around for a bigger sand table. Unfortunately most, if not all, sand tables are aimed at little kids so what was available wasn't going to meet our needs.

While looking online I came across a website about fire fighters building huge tables with layouts of canyons, valleys etc where there were fires. Looking at them, they looked like picnic tables with tops on them. Bingo. Ferb, I know what we're doing today.

Started with a trip to Home Depot. Found out the new van isn't as long inside as the old one, so we had to tie the lift gate down to get the 10' lumber home.

Using designs from online for a picnic table, I built one. Then put a piece of 4x6 3/4" plywood on top and boxed it in. Viola, the biggest sand table I've ever seen. So far 200+ lbs of sand and it is fine.





In hindsight I would have bought a table and added the plywood and box instead of building it from scratch. The cost of the wood (plus 5 hours of my time!) was almost as much as buying one off craigslist.
Next we sand it, router the corners and stain it (probably in the Spring). Oh and try to find a cover that won't get me in trouble with the HOA.