Saturday, March 09, 2013

Bucket of Rocks

It was another boy's day today. Deb took Meghan Prom dress shopping and Courtney had yet another all day Winterguard practice.

So after a couple of hours in the backyard, doing some raking, cutting down some vines etc. Christopher and I loaded up the Bucket of Rocks and went to the lake.

Bucket of Rocks? What is that you ask? One of my better ideas if I say so myself. Homer bucket from Home Depot and a 50 lb bag of rocks used for cement. Total: $9. 

Now he can go to the lake and throw in rocks without having to scrounge for them or take them from around the pool.

So he and I loaded up  3-4" of rocks and walk to the lake. We threw them one at a time, a handful at a time, high in the air, underhanded. You name it, we probably did it. 


After that he wanted to build a fire, so we came back, chopped some left-over wood from his sandbox and other projects and built a nice little fire. Of course what he REALLY wanted was to put it out with the hose, but I made him wait. 

After it burned most of the way we got the hose and played fireman!