Thursday, February 04, 2010

50,000 miles already

Wow, I've been racking up a lot of mileage lately. Yesterday I hit 50,000 miles on the Mustang. It's on 06 I bought in March of 06 so I'm well beyond 1000 a month.

For reference I hit 30,000 after 30 months.

So far so good with the car. Only major cost has been tires, but I expect to need new struts and shocks soon. No new modifications, all spare change is going to the Capri.

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ryssee said...

Good to know they're still building good Mustangs (but sorry to hear you're on the road so much!)
I'm at 43.5K on my 06 by comparison. But, it's not a Mustang and not nearly as fun!