Saturday, January 30, 2010

Screaming steering repair

Anyone with a Caravan or Town and Country and 'screaming' power steering? Our 2003 had it until this morning. It was pretty annoying and 'sounded' a lot more expensive then it turned out.

The sound is what you'd expect when you're low on power steering fluid, except that the level in the reservoir was fine. After putting it off for a couple of months I was going to take it to a shop this weekend to be fixed. So I did an online search to see what they were probably going to have to do (and pay).

Boy was I shocked by how many other people had the same problem and what the solution turned out to be. Basically, the cheap ass Chrysler engineers put a filter in the reservoir that can't be replaced without replacing the whole thing. And it clogs pretty easily, starving the steering pump and making the noises.

Following the steps here, I bought the reservoir here and did the install. This video helped a lot to see what was needed.

The only thing I did differently was to use an extension on the 10mm socket to reach the nut beneath the suction hose. The extension allowed the ratchet to clear all the hoses and the nut was easy to remove. Took me about an hour total.

So for about $30 I solved what was others were charged hundreds for by the dealers and shop.

No, I didn't work on the Capri today.

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