Saturday, December 13, 2008

Nice service AT&T so much for customer loyalty

So Deb wants an iphone for Christmas. Shouldn't be a big deal right? We've been with Bellsouth/AT&T for 15 years. So I went to the store today to see what my options are.

Turns out, we aren't eligible for upgrades until 1/1. Yes 2 weeks from today. And they won't budge on the upgrade date. So a new iphone is $399 or $499 today. I wait 2 weeks and it is $199 or $299.

So $200 for 2 weeks. I get putting limits on when you can upgrade, but being within 2 weeks and not giving me a break, especially before Christmas?

I need to go do the math, but I think it is cheaper for the next two years to break the contract and go with Verizon and get her one of the new blackberries.

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ryssee said...

That kind of bureaucratic garbage makes me sooooooo angry I could spit.