Sunday, August 30, 2009

Another middle school math book

A couple of years ago my oldest was always asking for help with her math homework and I couldn't remember the details of what she was asking. At the time we found a book by Danica McKellar (yes from the Wonder Years) aimed at Middle School Girls. See my review from back then.

Well, Meghan is now in High School and Courtney is now in Middle School. The book is still applicable and we reference it every once and awhile. However, it did not have a lot of pre-algebra. Well, Danica has released another book, this one aimed at pre-Algebra.

The URL for the book's home page is here.

For those with boys, here is a tip: get the books and read them. Then help them with their homework. They don't need to tell anyone that you used a 'girls book' to help them. (Plus I know of a couple of boys who used them, but I won't tell who ...)

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