Thursday, May 20, 2010

Busy Spring

This was one of the busiest springs in a long time. Between Softball, Girl Scouts and general kids stuff we were socked.

Courtney's team again had the best team in her park, but this year wasn't as lopsided as previous. Every team except one had a chance to beat every other. And the one the didn't had their pitcher break her leg in the third or fourth game, otherwise they would have been competitive as well.

Courtney had a lot of good hits and one great one. Against one of the tougher teams she hit a ball in the air over the right-center fielder's head and scored a home run!

Unfortunately they came in fourth in the end of year tournament, but they played hard the whole time.

This year I wasn't "dugout dude" since the girls are old enough to manage themselves. So Deb and I split going to the games. It was strange not being the dugout for the first time in probably 3 years.

We did a lot of projects this spring, but the biggest was expanding the swingset. This is the set we bought for Meghan when she was 3, so it was getting a little worn. And filthy. Also Christopher keeps running to his Godmother's house since she has a climbing wall on her swingset.

So I replaced a few boards and expanded it a little.




Yes I have some staining still to do.

No I don't know who gave a 4 year old a 3 lb BFH.

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