Sunday, April 10, 2011

Nice having a chauffeur

Meghan is 16 and has her permit, so she's always asking us to take her driving. Well, on Saturday she got her wish, big time.

I had her drive me all over the place Saturday morning. First a 40+ minute drive to the speed shop to pick up a part for the Capri. This was on roads she doesn't know and at speeds from 35 to 55. She did great. Even did good turning the Mustang around in the parking lot where many of the motors in the cars there cost more than the Mustang is worth! Then had her drive back, this time a different way, so different roads again.

Then had her drive me around Acworth/Kennesaw for a few stops, including parking in a very crowded Home Depot. Her only reward was a lunch at Zaxby's!

I could get used to this. Except the part with no radio and saying 'a little to the left Meghan' all the time.

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