Sunday, February 17, 2008

Christopher's Second Birthday

Christopher turned 2 yesterday and we had his party on the same day. I can't remember the last time we had the birthday and the party on the same day.

We had about 20 people, including kids of all ages. Christopher and his friend Zoe were the youngest (she's 18 months). The rest aged up to 14.

He was a little better this year with the cake than last year

He received a lot of Curious George gifts, including booking, games and toys. Only one really annoying toy, which Uncle Pat and Aunt Kerry sent. Payback, baby, Payback. Keep it in mind ...

More pictures here.

Unfortunately, he ended the night by throwing up all over his bed. Not sure why, but he didn't sleep well after that and wouldn't take a nap today. Please no comments about traditions and puking on birthdays!

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ryssee said...

Happy Birthday little Christopher!
I'd have sent you a nice picture book on farts, like the ones that daddy posted about a month ago. :-)