Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Part numbers

I'm a guy.

I like cars and computers and fixing stuff that is broken. (sometimes breaking things is fun too).

When I break something or need to replace something, I get the part number and go to the appropriate store (or online) to get the replacement.

So I want to buy Deb some new clothes. So I get out the old pair and start looking for part #'s (and sizes but that's a different topic.) I've bought enough at this vendor over the years to know they put the part numbers in the clothes. Deb sees me and asks what I'm doing. 'Looking for the part number' I say.

A few minutes later after she stops crying from laughing so hard, she tells me they are called 'styles'. 'Right, a part number' I say. 'No, a style' she says. Sensing this isn't going to end with me winning, I give up and ask her where the 'style' is on this piece of clothing.

It still looks like a part number to me.

1 comment:

ryssee said...

LOL that is sooooo funny!
What's gonna be even funnier is when you find out they don't make that part number any more and you have to pick out a new one all by yourself. TEEHEE. One season...one part number...then buh-bye.
(Source: shops a lot and works in the apparel industry.)