Thursday, March 19, 2009

I remember now why I don't have ATVs

I am my boss' lake house for a product brainstorming meeting and he has a couple of motorcycles and ATVs. I've been riding a 4 wheeler all day (yes we did some work!).

This evening after dinner I took a 4 wheeler into the woods, but missed the turn to get back on the road. So I went off the side of the woods, over a 2+ foot rut and dumped the ATV. I didn't go over the handlebars at least. No major damage to the ATV or me, but I remember now why I don't have toys like this.

1 comment:

ryssee said...

Ugh, you're lucky. My brother broke his leg like that and needed pins and plates!
I'll bet you had fun until that happened though! ;)