Saturday, November 10, 2007

80s Flashback

As I'm driving home from work on Thursday, an 80's song by Bon Jovi comes on. It was 'living on a prayer' or 'living on our hair' as my friend Laryssa used to call it.

Those failing brain cells fired in their weird way and I remembered the song 'Bitchin' Camaro', of course I can't think of a Camaro without thinking about John. John wasn't a mullet-head Camaro owner, more of a flannel and corduroy. (Don't know what flannel is? Norm is a good example these days.)

Of course, Laryssa memories often fire those synapses around other odd 80's things like: 'I Love Dumb Guys' bumper stickers (This was a store in Pittsfield. MA) and Flat Street dance club and of course, Chevettes.

Just a few random thoughts

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ryssee said...

LOL, really hard.
ROFL is more like it.
Dumb Guys was in Plattsburgh, NY by the way. Pam and I went there for our April break in high school, after my Travel Club trip to England and Scotland was cancelled.
Both Chevettes died, but I still like wee little cars. A little sportier now though.
Thanks for making me laugh. I still remember those epic trips to Flat Street with you and the gals. Thanks for driving! :-)