Thursday, November 15, 2007

Anyone remember CCD?

In the last week I have been in two different meetings where comments were made about CCD. Both were meetings outside of work where I didn't know the people involved very well. The first was a conference call with a 'consortium of competitors', the second a technology architects meeting. In the first one after a comment by another person on the call, I then made a joke about it and several people on the call didn't get what were joking about. I had to explain it was 'church school for Catholics'.

The second was even funnier. The meeting was a presentation about User Centric Design. He was a good presenter and at the beginning he apologized for changing between 'You Guys' and 'All, you All' since he lived in New Jersey and Texas. His group is called 'CCD' and he commented that he feels like he's in church school every day. I laughed and said 'That proves you're from Jersey' and a couple of people laughed. The presenter then said 'Yeah, even though I'm Jewish I know what that is'. Again, had to explain it to a few people.

It is interesting that this came up twice within a week. More interesting is I'm in the South and they call it 'parish school of religion' (PSR) instead of CCD. I taught both Meghan and Courtney's classes for several years at St. Catherine's.

Another flashback: as a kid in Catholic School, we used to call CCD 'cruddy crappy destroyers' because our desks would be trashed after each class. As a teacher, I made sure my kids didn't mess with the desks in the classrooms we were in.

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