Thursday, November 29, 2007

UMASS beats Syracuse at Basketball!

Yup, 3-0 vs Syracuse all-time. see here.

Of course, there wasn't as much drama this time as in 1996.

My brother John was having a party at his house watching the game, and I was in Atlanta. When the game ended, just as the buzzer sounded, I called him.

He didn't say hello, or wait for anyone to say anything he just said 'f-u Chris' and slammed down the phone. So I called back a few times ;-)

Did I mention that John went to Syracuse?

Or that Christopher's God Father did?

No, we won't talk about Lacrosse ...


ryssee said...

LOL yeah, 1996, six years after we graduated. They stunk while we were at UMASS. STUNK. And played in a CAGE.
Good story though. Nice to know that not much has changes amongst the Curtin boys.

Anna's Dad said...

Oh Man. Does this mean that Joe and I have to chug a beer with our pants around our ankles on St. Patrick's day? Oh the price we pay when the mighty fall ;-)