Thursday, December 13, 2007

At least it will drop to $50,000 in a couple of years!

$104,000 insurance quote. Wow, I thought mine was high as a teenager.

I remember sitting in the kitchen at my parents house right after I graduated from college and being quoted $5000 a year for a 1990 Mustang GT. Oops, I guess I wasn't getting a GT for a while. I waited 7 years, which included getting married and turning 25, before I could afford the insurance on a 1997 Mustang GT. It has been all GTs since then.

For those who didn't get the subject: when a male turns 25 his auto insurance usually goes down by 50% or more. Not sure why being 25 makes you less a risk, but I didn't complain when it happened to me.

Looking at the article, 10 tickets in John, Pat and I combined (well, maybe not, John how many tickets did you pay for Pat?) No, the links aren't to the cars we owned. John's was a brown Z-28, Pat's was a grey Laser and mine was a white Capri.

Of course, since he has a 240SX he probably thinks he's a 'drifter'.

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ryssee said...

Fun post! I remember the white Capri. Remember the Chevettes? I'm still a hatchback fan. Had a Mitsu Mirage for several years, 3 eclipses, and now a Scion TC. Yep, still keeping it under $20K!
Went to the auto show a couple weekends ago.
The new Dodge Challenger is sweet. The new Camaro needs a couple tweaks to the body. The new Mustangs? Perfect!