Sunday, December 23, 2007

New toys for Boys

So we took down the gate from in front of the fireplace in time for Christmas. It took Christopher about 30 seconds to fill the fireplace with toys. And himself.

Then Deb decorated for Christmas and did a wonderful job.

Then I decided I wanted to move into the 21st century and we bought a 42" LG LCD flat panel. So all of Deb's hard work went back into storage.

Here is a picture of Christopher watching TV. This TV even makes him look small!

Yes, Roger has been contacted and we will be fixing the ugly wiring over the New Years weekend


ryssee said...

LOL Randy's dad did the same thing when we were down there at Thanksgiving! :-)
Merry Christmas to you, Deb and the kids!

ryssee said...

Halloooo? Christmas pics please??
Hope you're well. Happy New Year. Hope you enjoyed Christmas and your time off with the new TV! Also hope Deb & the kids didn't have travel problems with the crazy weather.