Friday, December 14, 2007

Pay more attention to your car than your girlfriend, and win a new one? (car that is)

Yes, that is what happened here. May be it is me, but isn't that sending the wrong message?

"Dodge has announced the winner of the "Are You Tuned Out" contest, which invited the boyfriends and girlfriends of gearheads to write a short essay explaining why their significant other was completely ignoring them. The winner was Zach Madrid of Colorado Springs, who was so tuned-out that he was unable to have a "civilized conversation" with his fiancĐše if there was a car on television. As the winner of the competition, Madrid gets a brand new Caliber SRT4, which is sure to drive a wedge deeper into their already delicate relationship."

This reminded me (and Deb) of most of the years when we were dating, she'd call my parents house and my Mom would tell her I was outside working on the car. Especially the summer of 1988 when I put a new motor in the Capri.

Even today there are times when I'm working on the car instead of helping her. This picture is me installing a new clutch cable, quadrant and firewall adjuster on the 97. Yes, that is the drivers seat on the floor.

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ryssee said...

that's a good one. I couldn't figure out where the front end of this car was by the way.
And speaking of cars, did you come across this post?: