Saturday, January 05, 2008

Been Busy ...

Sorry no Christmas or New Year's pictures yet. It's been a busy couple of weeks.

As has become tradition, Deb packed up the kids and headed North to see the Grandparents and the rest of the family. So far things are going well based on the stories I've heard.

Meanwhile, I've been home working and doing things around the house. I took about 10 of the big projects off the 'honey-do' list. Lots of painting, fixing annoying things and a few surprises for Deb when she gets home.

The big items:
- painted all the ceilings upstairs except for Meghan and Christopher's rooms.
- primed Courtney's walls. Painted the trim (will paint 2 of the walls white tomorrow, other 2 will be painted when she picks the colors)
- with Roger's help hung the TV on the wall above the mantel (pictures coming soon)
- with Roger's help cut out the wood for Christopher's race-car bed (I started priming it today)
- Got Alden's xbox working online with a new router

Honestly, Roger did all the work for hanging the TV and cutting out the bed parts. Damn he has a nice shop! Just needs a 4 post auto lift in there ...

Pictures and details of how the rest of the holiday went when Deb gets back from CT this weekend.


ryssee said...

Oh you're so good to get the Honey-Do's done while Deb's gone! When I went away the weekend after Christmas, Randy watched TV and movies the whole weekend. Well, the cats weren't dead when I came home. That's a good thing!
Looking forward to pics of wee ones tearing open presents.
What was your fave?

Chris Curtin said...

Well ...

I did watch the entire season of Dexter in 2 days. I also watched a couple of good football games and 3 movies Deb would never want to see:
- 26 weeks later
- live free or die hard
- smokin Aces

One of the plants in on life support, but I swear I watered them every 3 or 4 days.

We uploaded pictures off the camera last night so we'll be posting up some tomorrow.