Monday, January 14, 2008

Go Giants!

Wow, what a game, heck, what a series of wins (yeah Ris, I know the Patriots won).

My Dad doesn't know what to do. First we beat the Cowboys, next are the Packers. I don't know who Dad hates more.

Did anyone else note the statistic from the game? The Cowboys and Giants were tied for the most number of post season apperiances in franchise history at 29. The key here is 'were'. Next week in Green Bay the Giants will set the record.

So, TO crying huh? First he flips the bird to the camera crews at the end of the game, then starts crying? That will haunt him forever.

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ryssee said...

LOL Chris. Happy for the Giants, but I wanted Dallas 'cause my brother's a big fan. Oh well.
For me, football is really about passing some time before baseball season starts again. But it's GREAT to live in the best sports town on Earth right now! :-)