Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Christmas 2007

Sorry it took so long. With Deb going to CT and getting back into the swing of school with the girls it has been a little bit busy.

Christmas was a lot of fun. Christopher still doesn't understand what is going on, so he really didn't trash the place. He probably will next year.

It was snowing in CT, so the kids were able to see snow, but it didn't snow enough for them to really play in it.

Christopher was playing with his uncles and met his cousin Anna.

More pictures on the flickr site.


ryssee said...

Great pics. I checked out the Flickr ones too. Great to see your family!
Don't you love how babies like babies? Cute pic of your little man checking out the wee one. My nieces, no longer babies (they'll be 8 and 9 this year) are obsessed with their little cousins.

Chris Curtin said...

The girls like having a younger cousin, but Christopher lost interest in a few minutes.