Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Deb drop an F-bomb?

Yes, and there were witnesses.

I feel I have comment on Katharine's blog post about Anna's Christmas present.

10 years ago, with Deb 8 months pregnant, 1 month before Courtney was born, my family is in GA for Christmas. Deb tells John and Pat 'NO STUFFED ANIMALS'. See, they had bought several very large toys each year previously, including a 3 foot tall Tigger and we didn't have any place to put them.

So, they come in the house, thinking they are sneaking in, with a huge stuffed 101 Dalmation dog. Deb comes down and sees it and drops the f-bomb. I think Patrick passed out and John ran outside to hide.

I always said we'd get them back someday. So when Anna was born, JC Penney had a huge stuffed animal on sale, so we had to send it to her. Payback is a bitch and it's only starting ...


ryssee said...

Ha. Wait til the wee boy gets drums for his birthday.
My niece C LOVES the voice-modifier and mask that came with the goofy mask that I gave her for her birthday. Needless to say, her parents didn't.

Chris Curtin said...

Except that this point in life, I have no problem returning presents. If the drums arrive, they go right back to wherever they came from.

Then I send the puppy ...