Saturday, January 19, 2008

Cheerleaders and Beer - too bad they're from Dallas

So, being a geek, I am frequently asked to help people fix their computers, or for advice when buying a new one or generally about computer stuff.

From Facebook, MySpace, removing viruses, you name it, I help. For a fee.

Now, the fee is usually pretty reasonable depending on the work. Sometimes it is the beer I drink while at their house, often it is a 6 pack or sometimes a case. Of course, I'm as likely to drink it with the 'payee' when they come to drop it off. Bartering is also helpful for things like book cases, beds, car parts etc.

After Christmas I helped a good friend's son buy a wireless router, XBOX 360 NIC and setup their home network. This is a 6 pack or maybe 2 type of job. The other day his father (who is also Christopher's Godfather) brought over a case of beer. I was at work so I didn't think anything of it. Until Deb asked me if I had looked at it.

Here is what was on the top:

When I actually opened it, several of the bottles had pictures on them (click on the image below for a better picture).

Did I mention that Joe is Dallas Cowboy fan? This was also the night before the divisional game with the Giants against the Cowboys.

Right at Kick off Joe came over for a beer, so I have him a Cheerleader ;-)

About the same time the Cowboy's cheerleaders were on TV so I said 'Christopher! Look! Cheerleaders!' He stopped playing, looked up at the TV and watched until they changed back to the game. Deb was PISSED at me for that.

I was nice to Joe that night when the Giants kicked Jessica Simpson's boy toy's ass.

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ryssee said...

Ha. Superbowl: Pats vs NY. Teehee.