Saturday, January 19, 2008

Educational Books?

If you're a parent you've been bombarded with the PSAs for 'Read with your kids'. We've always read with the girls, from 'Good night Moon' to 'Guess how much I love you'. Well, my family also believes in reading, but they have some strange choices in books.

A couple of years ago my Dad got the girls 'Walter the Farting Dog'. See here. It is actually a pretty good book.

The other day a gift arrived from Kerry for Christopher. It wasn't his birthday yet, but I guess she saw it and thought of Pat. The card read:
'Dear Christopher, Since girls "don't do this", you must carry the mantle. Here is your guide. When you are ready you can meet master Yoda-Grand-Dad in Bethel who will explain the rest.
Love Aunt Kerry'.

The book:
'The Gas We Pass'


ryssee said...

Kids love farts. We want them to read. This is perfection! :-)

HAR said...

I read this book one year to my second grade class. I thought they would burst.