Sunday, March 16, 2008

Hiding from Tornadoes all weekend

Not a good weekend in Atlanta.

Friday night the tornadoes went south of us, but hammered downtown. A good friend and his daughter were coming back from the Hawks game and saw a car get picked up and spun around a couple of times. Luckily they weren't hurt.

All day Saturday was spent with the news on, watching warning after warning go through. Luckily the storms split around us, again hammering downtown and then hitting up into Canton and a couple of towns north of us. We got a lot of rain and some downed tree limbs, but nothing major. Didn't lose power at all.

Sunday was spent cleaning up, including cleaning out the gutters. Not fun, climbing a ladder 2 stories a dozen or so times. Christopher loved being outside on his swing. We also rearranged furniture, which is never fun.

Finally, none of the Curtin family's basketball teams made it to the NCAA tournament. Syracuse and UMASS blew it in the league playoffs. I don't think Drexel or Manhattan had a chance either way. I was watching the post-bracket show and they were talking about how UMASS got robbed.

Oh, and UMASS is doing really badly in Lacrosse this spring. Syracuse and Drexel are doing really well. So I have to listen to Joe. I don't know if Manhattan even has a lacrosse team . Dad, do they?

At least St. Patrick's day is supposed to be warm and sunny tomorrow. Courtney has a softball practice so that's where I'll be 'partying' ;)

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ryssee said...

Really glad to hear you all made it safe and sound. It sounded and looked really scary down there. I bet your kids were scared and all jazzed up at the same time!
I thought about you more than once.