Friday, March 28, 2008

Oh the places you'll go (or where you've been!)

Update: Laryssa provided her entry. Waiting on John still... Also my Dad got me the addres of the two apartments before Bridgeport.

Playing around with Google Maps I got the idea of mapping all the different places I've lived. Starting from the hospital in the bronx to the current city I am living in now (no, I'm not going to give any more details about where we live)

Misericordia Hospital , Bronx see here.

First apartment was on Riverdale Ave Bronks NY

Second apartment was on Bronx River Road Bronksville NY

Burnsford Avenue, Bridgeport CT - Age 1 to 2

Easton Court, West Lafayette, Indiana Age 2 to 3

10 or 11 Strawberry Hill Road, Danbury CT, Age 3 to 21

My Mom's parent's house (didn't live there, but spent a lot of time there)

My Dad's parent's apartment (didn't live there either) Want to see something interesting? Use the 'street view' here.

Dickinson Dorm, UMASS, Freshman, Sophmore and part of Junior year

Cliffside Apartments, Amherst, MA, Half of Junior and Half of Senior year

Meadow Street, Amherst MA, last part of senior year

1003 Harbor Point Parkway, Atlanta, GA 7/1990 to 4/1991

406 Harbor Point Parkway Atlanta, GA 4/1991 to 3/1994

1776 May Glen Drive, Acworth, GA 3/1994 to 7/1997

Acworth, 7/1997 to current

So, as a good blogger, I now 'tag' two people to do the same thing. My brother John (who I lived with until college) and my friend Laryssa, who lived in the dorms and the Cliffside apartment with me.

John and Ris, yes you can google maps Europe and other places.

A separate, but fun post will be where you lived for more than a month while on business or vacation! I'll think about that one ...


ryssee said...

Very very cool idea. Give me a couple weeks! :-)
Or maybe a couple hours...
One correction, we lived at Cliffside Apt with Jayne and Jen. Jayne was your roomie at the Meadow St apartment.

Anna's Dad said...

I'm working on it too. How would you describe the Euclid place in Syracuse? I'm thinking "filth and fungus - the living bio-experiment". (p.s. if you hadn't set the bar so high with all those google references I'd be done by now.

Curious - you didn't list Rosie Tomorrow's on your list ;-)