Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Small town sports

This past weekend we had opening day for Courtney's softball league. This is the first year at this park, having played for the 2 1/2 previous years at a County league park.

While our zip is 'Acworth, GA', we are actually in unincorporated Cobb County, so we had to sign her up to play in the Kennesaw league.

The previous seasons, Courtney and Meghan were on one of 8 or 10 teams in their age brackets. Often we'd see a team twice in a year. It was definitely a well structured, almost business like league.

Kennesaw is very different. Very small town feel. During the games you can hear the trains going through downtown. Courtney has 3 teams total in her age group. They also do things a little different. Last fall Courtney's team had to forfeit a game because we had the coach's 8 year old daughter playing 10 and under so we would have enough kids to play. Someone knew she wasn't 10 and tattled on us.

This park has a different view. If you're down a kid (or three) you can take anyone from the age level below you. So I watched a couple of 10 and under girls playing 12 and under on Saturday. I like that view. It is more 'let the kids play' instead of 'win at any cost'. I also don't hear the annoying 'fall ball is for learning, spring ball is for winning' at this park either.

Anyway, on Saturday they had a small parade of the teams, each team made a banner and the banner contest was judged by the mayor and several city council members. Kind of reminds me of some of the baseball games we played at Rogers park when I was a kid. Definitely more small town/community than the bigger park.

While I was a little concerned by only having 3 teams at first, I think I like this a lot better.

Pictures coming soon, when I remember to bring the camera to a game.


ryssee said...

Aw this brings back memories of when I played baseball as a kid. I loved it! Yeah you're absolutely right about "let the kids play." That's what it's all about!
I gotta say, I think Acworth needs the K. I wanna spell it like Ackworth. Like Bill the Cat would.

ryssee said...

Dude, you're tagged again. HA! See my blog.