Sunday, April 27, 2008

Got a Wii, lost to Deb

I've been looking at a Wii for a while now and today just about every store around here had them. 'Minimum of 15' read the ads.

So, at 10:45 Meghan and I went to Best Buy and waited on line. Yes, I waited on line for a game. Not at midnight, I'm not that much of a geek, but we did wait on line.

We got a Wii and and extra controller. On the big TV it looks really good.

Deb's first time playing it she crushed me at bowling. But I crushed her in tennis. Meghan gave me a run for my money in baseball and bowling. No one would play golf with me though. Of course I play golf on the Wii like I do in real life, so it wasn't something to brag about.

Courtney wasn't home when we got it, so we waited for her to detect the new cables and little white box. Once she did she jumped all over Deb.

Christopher just sits there and watches the screen or us. He hasn't tried to play yet, but I'll give him a week or so. The biggest challenge is to not hit him with the controllers!

So, anyone recommend any good first person shooters? Quake/Doom etc. type?


ryssee said...

I'm back! We had a great time. Head is down to the computer editing our many photos this week.
We have a Wii too. Haven't used it too much but it IS fun!

Anonymous said...

Anything with Resident Evil in the titles. Keeps it away from the kids though.