Saturday, April 26, 2008

Touch a truck 2008

This year Christopher was old enough to go to the local 'touch a truck' event so we all went. I think Courtney had more fun than Christopher!
This is a yearly event that a number of the towns in our area hold in the spring. The name is pretty much what you get: they bring out all kinds of trucks and let the kids climb on them.

This year there was no fire truck for some reason, but a police car, several front loaders, a cement truck, a real John Deere tractor and several other trucks from the parks and recreation group in Kennesaw.

Some more pictures on the Flick site.


Rich said...

Is this Touch a Truck held every year in Kennesaw?? I've lived in (or near) Kennesaw since 2000 and haven't heard of this. Maybe I'm just not 'in the know'! I think my kids would love this!

Chris Curtin said...

I actually live in Acworth as well.

As far as I know they've been doing this for several years. Having 2 girls before Christopher we kind of ignored it, but many of our friends with boys have been going for years.