Saturday, April 12, 2008

Spring Break - Boys vs. Girls

Tomorrow is the last day of Spring break for the girls, then a grueling 7 weeks of school before summer break.

This year we decided to stay in the south and do something local. I took the second half of the week off so we could do something as a family. Except the 10 and 13 year olds don't want to do something the 2 year old would like ...

So, we split up.

Deb took Meghan and Courtney to Huntsville, AL to the Air and Space museum there. About 3 hour drive from our house, the arrived mid-morning Thursday and spent most of the day there. Unfortunately, we don't have any good pictures. The museum part was fun the said, but they really liked the rides. Courtney had never been to an IMAX movie so they did that as well. After seeing the Blue Angles she was so excited she couldn't stop talking about it.

They spent the night at a hotel with an indoor/outdoor pool and had a blast. Friday they went to see the Science Museum, but that was kind of boring for Meghan since it was targeted for a 10 and under crowd.

Being in the south, in the spring, they had some bad weather. Namely tornado warnings and thunderstorms. They spent 2 hours in a parking garage waiting for it to clear. They made it home safe and sound.

Christopher and I? Well, we had a boys weekend. We went to the park to play on the new slides, climbing walls and to pick up sticks. Christopher found a storm drain and it took all my powers of distraction to get him away from it. He kept trying to put all the sticks he found down it.

We then TRIED to take a nap, but being party guys were too excited to. In the afternoon we wandered around the neighborhood, played in the yard and played some ball. After a shower to wash off all the damn pollen we went to dinner.

I guess a guy taking a 2 year old to a restaurant by himself was a big deal. I've done it many times, but we kept getting looks and people smiling at us.

Thursday night was typical Christopher. Asleep at 8, up at 2, awake until 3:15 or so, then back up at 6.

Friday was pretty calm, went to the mall to look at a few things, ate lunch then came home. He loves elevators. One story: I stopped to get him some water at one of those cookie places and he started pointing at the cookies going 'more, more'. I got him a cookie then we 'wrestled' with the water bottle. He was giggling and laughing so much people were making comments as they walked by.

Spent most of the afternoon watching the weather channel website to tell Deb where the storms where they were hiding from.

One thought: the Man in the Yellow Hat really is an idiot. I've had enough Curious George to last me a while!

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