Thursday, March 13, 2008

Okay, now I feel old ...

First some background.

When we bought our house, the model home, which the Realtors worked out of, was at a 90 degree angle to our backyard. Through a huge 6 foot by 6 foot window, you could look into our backyard. And our swing set.

Meghan had been asking for a swing set since before we moved into this house, so right after we moved in, and before her birthday, we got a big, wooden swing set installed. Meghan was 3 at the time.

So, one day Meghan and I are in the back and she is swinging. A man walks over and asks if his daughter can swing with us. They were signing a contract on their house and the daughter kept looking out the window at us. I agreed to let her swing with us. (This is also how we met about 80% of the neighbors as they bought houses. Even the main realtor would tell the parents they could let their kids swing with us!)

Fast forward to Monday night. I'm driving Courtney to softball and the SUV in front of me is being driven by that little girl (who is now 16) and I can see her dad in the passenger seat. They never left the right lane so I couldn't give the dad a hard time ;-)

Now, I feel old.


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ryssee said...

Wow, that's funny and weird all at the same time. It's been like that for me too, but in an alternate universe. When I think that I've moved 8 times (I think) since we left UMass, then look at my brother who's lived in the same house since 1990, and has two kids in the first and second, it makes it all that much stranger.