Wednesday, March 26, 2008

UMASS beat Syracuse twice!

Once again UMASS meets Syracuse in basketball and beats them. Each time SU was the favorite.

On Sunday we knew that UMASS was going to play SU in the NIT on Tuesday, so I asked Joe (Christopher's god father, who went to SU) if he wanted to go to a bar and watch the game. No kids, no wives. Just beer and wings.

Courtney had a softball game (they won and she got a good hit), so it was after 7:30 before I could pick him up so I missed almost all of the first half. Joe did point out SU was killing UMASS as we waited for our food. Start of the second half and we watched SU slowly choke. 22 point lead in 14 minutes. Then lose by 4.

Have I mention my brother John went to SU also? Or that both he and Joe have given me sh!t about basketball, lacrosse and anything else they could?

Some facts:
- SU is 0-4 vs UMASS under Boehm
- UMASS is the ONLY team to ever beat SU twice in the Carrier Dome in the same season

So what if it is the NIT. They still beat them!

No, I don't want to talk about Lacrosse (SU is 3rd, UMASS dropped out of the top 20 last week)

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ryssee said...

Yay! Haven't been following it myself, but that's NICE. :-)
Bet you guys had fun.