Wednesday, October 01, 2008

50 Reasons to date a geek

Last night Courtney and I had an interesting conversation about the geeky boy in her class who helps the teacher with technology issues. I gave her the little speech about why dating geeks is better than dating jocks and she gave me a strange look. (She is 10 after all.) I expect she'll remember the conversation in 15 years or so and do the right thing ;-)

Then I found this blog entry today: 50 Reasons to date a geek

I have to agree with a lot of them, but several are wrong. For example:

43. They’re not jerks: Although geeks have a lot to be proud of, they’re almost never full of themselves.

A LOT of the geeks I know are a!!holes when they want to prove how much smarter they are then the people around them. Usually these are the ones that don't have dates.

This one is just funny:

22. There are lots of good ones out there: Geeks tend to not be very active in the dating field, so there are plenty to choose from.

So single ladies, go find yourself a geek. Geeks in school, wait until end of Junior year and notice how the ladies who are thinking about MRS degrees suddenly show up. I remember a lot of friends at UMASS suddenly having dates and women interested in them as we got closer to graduation. Wonder why (see #42). No Deb knew me BEFORE I went to school for computer science ;-)

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Anna and Molly's Dad said...

Dude - I wrote this out of desperation back in 2001 - thank God it worked!