Friday, October 31, 2008

S-video in the Onkyo TX-SR606

As I mentioned previously, I bought a new A/V receiver for my Birthday.

So far it has worked well, but I could not get the S-Video from the Directv R15 DVR to display on the TV via HDMI. I even read the manual!

A couple of weekends I fought with it and finally posted on an A/V Forum specific this (TX SR606) receiver.

The way to get it to work: when defining the input for the Satellite, leave the input selector as '----' instead of trying to select one of the values. Yes, the manual says you need to select an input, but it only works with S-Video if you leave it blank.

I also left the HDMI mode to pass through since the TV did a better job of up-converting the video than the device did.

It works like a charm now. Sunday I will take the TV off the wall and run the HDMI cable so we can watch the Giants! Oh wait, the Falcons are playing so I can't see the Giants crush Dallas. Once again, it sucks being here.

Next toy: I want a Harmony remote ;-)


Chris D said...

keep an eye on they have them from time to time


Steve C said...

Those harmony remotes are ridiculously expensive, but they do look great, ill stick to just stocking them on the shelves at circuit city