Monday, September 15, 2008

September 15, 1968

40 years ago yesterday, the N.Y. Giants won their season opener against the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Also, I was born a little after 11 am, just in time for my Dad and uncles to go watch the game on TV.

Unlike many friends, I kept the event low key. No party, no big dinner plans, no outrageous gifts. Well, I did go out to eat a few times this weekend, and I did buy myself a new toy. I had bought a 'theater in a box' several years ago but the DVD/receiver died before Christopher was born. So I finally replaced it with a nice Onkyo TX-SR606. I had to deal with the less than helpful sales people at Circuit City to get it, since they are the only authorized dealers around here. (Make sure you check the 'internet' price on anything you buy there. It was $120 less than list and the sales guy pretended he didn't know what I was asking him to check.)

The day went pretty smooth:
- took Courtney and a friend Abbey to school in the Mustang
- took Meghan to school in the Mustang (she had to be there early)
- took Christopher to school, but not in the Mustang. Poor guy started crying when he got out of the van, but his teacher left us a note he was fine later
- Went to breakfast with Deb
- Went to Lowe's, Circuit City and finally back to pick up Christopher
- I spent several hours trying to put the receiver together, only to figure out that it would not upconvert S-video to component, so I need to get an HDMI cable now
- Went and picked up Courtney and Abbey in the Mustang. Had 3 or 4 different boys tell me I had a cool ride. Hmm 40 year old impressing 10 year olds. Damn I'm old.

Dinner was good, Deb made me a steak and fajitas. The cakes were great. Yes cakes. As a kid I loved a 'carrot' cake, which was really a spice cake with some carrots in it and I asked Deb and Meghan to make it for me (this was the first time in probably 15 years I've had it.) Of course we can't have a birthday without chocolate in this house so Deb also got her, um me, a chocolate cake.

The girls and Deb got me a couple of different Giants things: a dress shirt with the Super Bowl champions logo and a wind breaker like they wear on the sidelines. Christopher got me a couple of movies and a Star Wars book.

The kids are now in bed (except Meghan, but she'll be shortly) so I'll sit down, drink a beer then go to bed. Not bad for being 40.

Pictures here.

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ryssee said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I keep forgetting you're younger than me, especially since John's license said you were two years older, LOL! (Yes, you can delete this comment before your kids see it.) Remember though, I was of age in some places anyway!
Anyway, welcome to the big 4-0. Sounds like you had a really good day!