Saturday, September 20, 2008

Interesting view on Goth/Anime culture and general response

Yesterday during lunch I walked up to Subway from my office (mainly to get out and stop cursing Oracle.) While walking there, I couple of young people (late teens, early twenties maybe) were walking in front of, in Goth outfits and a couple of strange policeman like outfits. They actually looked like stormtroopers, but in Blue and Pink.

I walked behind them up the hill, for maybe 5 minutes. No big deal.

On the way back though I got behind a different group, with different, but equally unique outfits. Turns out there was an Anime conference at the Cobb Galleria by my office. I was probably 10 feet behind them and we were walking into traffic. So I was able to see everything the people in their cars were doing as these dressed up people went by.

Everything from smirks, head turns to a couple of ladies that look shocked at what they were wearing. (Nothing really risque, but you have to look a a woman in a bright pink and purple 'gone with the wind' gown.)

Nothing really interesting happened but it made me think that while I didn't care what they were wearing, the most of the people in the cars were around my age acting like they were 5.

I know, kind of random ;-)

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ryssee said...

That's great! Makes a nice break from the office for a few minutes.