Saturday, September 20, 2008

Lost in Softball today

Courtney's team lost in softball today. The team they lost to is 5 - 0 now. Their opponents were pretty good, but we hurt ourselves with errors in fielding. Once we got settle down we start hitting and stopping the ball, but it was too late. We were down 13 runs in 2 innings. Not impossible to come back from, but tough.

I did have to make a fool of myself though. Apparently I made a Facebook bet with Courtney's coach from last Spring (who's daughter is on the other team) that the loser would run around the bases backwards. She mentioned it repeatedly last night at a school function, but honestly I don't remember.

Anyway, after we lost I went out and ran backwards around the bases while getting cat calls and cheers from the crowd. On the things we do for our kids.

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