Thursday, September 11, 2008

Middle School Open House

I went to open house at Meghan's school tonight. At least now we can sit in the desks. Trying to cram my petite frame into an elementary school desk was never fun ;-)

I was going around with a couple of the same parents to all the classes and one group, two moms, struck me as having the totally wrong attitude about education. One complained about the need for the kids to read for 30 minutes at home each night saying 'don't they know we have football every night?' to her friend. The friend replied with 'well, we'll just settle for a B in that class then'. This was within ear shot of the teacher. Amazing.

I'm also getting old. I'm older than all but one of her teachers. All seem really nice and Meghan likes them but I guess I'm feeling a little old now.

Yes, I signed up to present at career day again. When I told Meghan her only comment was 'use pictures of Courtney this time!'.

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ryssee said...

Jeeper. Friggin' read already people. Unbelievable comment.
I hated it when my doctor appeared to be the same age, or younger, than me.
My mom wanted to make sure you got out of Houston safely. I didn't have the heart to tell her that you were only there in 1989. I thought it was nice that she thought about ya with the hurricane though.