Thursday, September 25, 2008

Why can't we get any gas?

This is ridiculous. Since Monday almost every gas station around us has been without fuel. Those that do have lines around the block. From what little I remember of the 70's oil crisis, this looks familiar.

The issue isn't that we don't have enough gas, rather that people are changing their patterns to get gas each time they drop below 3/4 a tank. Some people are actually running out since they waited too long, but the news was showing most people putting $10-$15 in (which at $4/gallon isn't that much!)

At least the EPA did something smart and suspended the rules about 'winter gas' so we can use the gas from surrounding states and counties that aren't filled with smog.

Also the only fuel to be found is regular unleaded, so I had to remove the high performance tune from the Mustang today. It is okay running the 93 octane tune with 89 for low RPM, but I'm concerned I'll forget when merging into traffic or something and damage the engine.

I am also taking Meghan camping this weekend, so I need to be careful I have enough fuel to get there and back.


Steve C. said...

chris, sorry to hear that gas is so scarce in the south, it seems to be good in new england but everytime the price drops, the pumps are filled and i can barely get the time to fill up. i'm sure you guys will figure something out to solve this gas crisis

ryssee said...

I heard some major price-gouging stories today on the news. Someone was trying to sell gas for $8 per gallon!
It makes me wonder if this credit crisis is affecting station owners and they can't get credit to buy fuel? But it does seem weird that it's localized only in the Southeast. We've had some stations close around here b/c the margins aren't enough to support the businesses anymore so they just close up shop.
Crazy times. Drive slow (and safe)!