Wednesday, September 10, 2008

True meaning behind one of the most annoying songs ever

I'm pretty sure I didn't have to sit through Titanic at the movies with Deb. I know I've seen it from beginning to end at least once, but I don't think I would have wasted a rare childless night out with my wife to see it (we reserve Star Wars movies for that!) I think she saw it with several friends.

Why is this relevant? Well that Celine Dion song "Because You Loved Me" was featured in a blog by Tom Peters. Yes, management guru Tom Peters. Personally, this song always annoyed me because of the message I thought it sent. Way too sappy and needy. Tom described my thoughts on the song pretty well. I disliked the song so much that I used to sing it like 'Astro' on the Jetsons. (Try to lose that visual next time you hear it.)

Anyway, it turns out it isn't based on the movie where you had the annoying (but good looking ;-) brat crying for her dead boyfriend. The song is actually about the song writer thanking her father for all he did to support her growing up and achieving her dreams. This totally changes my view of the song. However, I love singing it as Astro to amuse Deb so that won't stop.

So next time your kids are acting like unappreciative br- um, little kid and teenagers, keep supporting them and some day they will thank you. Yes Mom and Dad I do appreciate all you did for me and my ungrateful brothers. (Remember, I'm the favorite according to Deb ;-)


ryssee said...

I really like it when how I look at a song can be completely changed by the story behind it.
I think I'll cry when I hear it the next time, since my dad isn't with us anymore.

ryssee said...

PS-Kind and Generous by Natalie Merchant is really the one that does it to me though. Look up the lyrics.