Saturday, September 06, 2008

First win and second loss

Courtney had a double header today, first game at 11:15, second at 12:30. First game ran into extra innings and included 2 ties before a final come from behind score for their first win.

Courtney was walked a couple of times and did good in the field for the first game.

Second game started 30 minute late because of the first game. It was very hot and humid and you could tell our girls were tired. They did well, but made some fielding mistakes that they didn't make in the first game. Courtney walked once and went down swinging the second time.

If they play like they did the first game for the rest of the season they shouldn't have any problems beating any teams in their league. Fortunately no more double headers!

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ryssee said...

Whew noontime games in Georgia in early September can NOT be comfortable with the heat!
Nice job by Courtney keeping her eye on the ball. Hope they brought her home! Sounds like a great time for both you and the team.