Monday, September 22, 2008

Georgia Aquarium

Yesterday we went to the Georgia Aquarium, this was my first time there. Deb's brother Mike and his friend Kelly came to visit for a few days so we took them to the aquarium.

Christopher of course fell asleep on the way down, and we didn't want to wake him up right away. Let's just say that his stroller looks REALLY small when he's asleep in it. Several people commented on how big (and tired) he was.

We were able to wake up Christopher before we got to the whale shark exhibit. If you've never seen one, they are huge fish. We did get a lecture on why they are fish and not whales but an informative, but goofy spokesman. To me the cool part of that exhibit was the 61 foot long, 30 foot high, 2 foot thick wall of glass that allowed you to see most of the exhibit.

Then we walked to an area that went UNDER the whale shark exhibit. That was cool seeing all the fish over you.

We also went to the Titanic exhibit. With a toddler it was hard for me to see everything, but Deb, Mike and Kelly said it was very informative and cool to see.

Courtney got to see some turtles, a few giant eels and lots of colored fish. Christopher loved it all, staying interested in most places except the Titanic exhibit.

Being an aquarium there were a few whale-tails, splash pads, muffin-tops and the elusive hoochie-mama mammals too ;-) (It wasn't that bad, but even my girls commented on a few outfits and behaviors.)

Of course Christopher stayed up until almost 10 pm because of his nap.

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