Thursday, September 04, 2008

Giants: Good start to the season

Not great, but good. After that first series I thought they were going to crush the Redskins.

Makes you wonder how hurt Plaxico really was. Or getting $11.5 M guarantee for this season made him play better.

Unfortunately, they didn't show up in the third quarter again. Good thing the Redskins didn't either. Reminds me of the 2nd half of last regular season.

Now I get to wait until they get on Monday night or Sunday to see them again. It sucks living in another city (I can't justify $300 for the Sunday Ticket with everything we have going on either). Especially when the local team sucks ;-(

I promise to get pictures of the kids in the new jerseys. We were really busy this week.


Rich said...

I say the local team sucking is even more validation to get the Sunday Ticket! We shouldn't be limited to having the Falcons being one of the games we have to watch anyway....just trying to support your cause!

overtly trite said...

my poor kiddo is missing all of his teams playing on school nights

Anna and Molly's Dad said...

Of course as my luck would have it I was in NYC for the only one of two games where the Giants will be on local TV down here in DC. You have the Falcons - at least their aren't in the same division as our team. Imagine if all you had was the Redskins and the Ravens! And since I have FIOS I can't even get the Sunday Ticket. I'm looking into a SlingBox to install at my dad's.