Saturday, October 18, 2008

Possessed Keyboard?

For a few minutes this afternoon I thought the keyboard on Deb's computer was possessed. Every time I would type a space a comma would also be displayed. In every application I tried.

I looked at the keyboard, nothing obviously wrong with it. Shook it a few times, blew on it, nothing helped. Finally I got out the can of compressed air and blew it out. Out came a piece of dried orange/pink sugar. Hmm, who likes Popsicles? Who watches Thomas the Tank Engine videos on the computer?

Yup, at 2 and 3/4 Christopher has caused me to do computer repair. (Though in his defense, who gave him a Pop when using the computer?) This child is going to be more trouble by far than either of the girls.

Oh yeah, we took many of the child-proof door locks off the doors this weekend. He has the figured out to the point where they buy us less than a second to catch him before he's out the door. It takes most adults a couple of seconds, so we just took them off.

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