Saturday, October 04, 2008

Thomas the tank engine: Encourage Illegal Street Racing?

This morning as Christopher and I watched the new Thomas the Tank Engine movie, one thought entered my mind: why are they encouraging street racing on a toddler's movie?

The show starts with Thomas and James racing to the wharf, often at speeds faster than normal, cheered on by the crowd and encouraged by their boss. They even have a bunch of kids singing a song encouraging them!

They aren't racing for pinks, instead to see who gets the better job! At least it isn't at midnight on the side of Super-7 ;-)

They almost run a railroad signal, then race off the split second it changes to green! What are they teaching our children!

Remember kids, street racing is illegal and dangerous, even if you are on a railroad track!

(For the humor impaired, this post is a joke. I actually enjoyed watching the movie with Christopher. The songs are silly and a little over the top, but perfect for a 2 year old.)

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