Sunday, May 25, 2008

16th Anniversary Yesterday

Yesterday, May 24th, was our 16th wedding anniversary. Things started out with a bang around 1 am with Courtney falling out of bed. The 23rd was the last day of school so she was at the pool all afternoon for the neighborhood 'ice cream social'. She was exhausted and excited so we think she tried to get out of bed while not completely awake.

Around 5 am Christopher decided it was time to get up. yes 5 am. We tried for about 45 minutes to get him to go back to sleep, but he wanted to play. Deb took him downstairs around 5:45. I slept a couple of more hours then we traded and Deb went back to sleep for a couple of hours.

Meantime, Meghan sleeps until 11. Yes we're fully in the teenage years.

Maile watched the kids so we got to go out, just us. We had a nice dinner, without a high chair or chicken fingers! Went to Cheesecake Factory since we couldn't think of anything we really wanted ;-(

We did some shopping, looking for clothes for Anna's Christening next month, but didn't have any luck. I did get a couple of new suits from Jos A Banks. Must say it has been a while since I spent that kind of money on clothes!

Rather than going to a movie, we did something we haven't done since college: we went mini-golfing. The place was pretty busy and it was fun to do some people watching. The couple in front of us were in their 20's, obviously having been dating for a while. The couple behind us were in their teens, probably a couple of dates into it. Then us in between them, having known each other 23 years.

We'd catch parts of their conversations as we'd get queued up behind the 6 giggling high school girls 4 groups ahead of us. We're talking about granite counter tops, rebuilding the shower and other middle-aged things, the couple in front of us is talking about vacations and playing real golf. The teenagers didn't say anything, just hung on each other ;-)

We were on our way home when a cop pulled up behind me on a backroad to our house and turned on his radar. The Passport lit up and I didn't flinch, I just muted it. I was going 45 in a 40 so I wasn't concerned. He sat behind us for a few seconds, radar still going, then pulled a long side for about a minute. Not close enough I could see him, rather where he could see into our car. Flashback to being a teenager in Danbury! Deb and I had a good laugh, it had been a long time since we had a cop following us.

Overall, a pretty calm anniversary for us.

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Roberta Gigon said...

Happy Anniversary Guys! 23 yrs -- wow! That means we've been friends for over 23 yrs! Awesome!